28. Juli 2011

Server Informations

The Server is now Public !
  Ip: Turtlecraft.minecraft.gs

-DO ONLY BUILD ON YOUR PLOT IN THE MAIN WORLD ->Mine on the special Mining World
-When building large structures try to plan ahead. Don't go building right next to someone else's creation if they don't want to. Talk with people involved before you start building.
-Do not add/remove/modify blocks that are not yours
-Do not make changes to other people's creations or attempt to infringe on their building space without their permission. If you're unsure if something belongs to someone, assume it does.
-The use of third party programs to modify your effect on the server is not allowed.
-Do not use Mods like Flyhack or anything that changes the Multiplayer Experience
-Use at least 3 Different Materials for your house also dont make an house that looks just like an block - Be Creative or your house might get deleted
-Ask Admins for Building Plot
-Only Build on the 16x16 Building Area that`s already prepared - If u are planing something special ask the admins for allowance
-No Item Spawning 

-Maximum 2 Floor Buildings in the Main Town

VIP Slots:

5€ Donators:
-Reserved Server Slot
-Building Plot in VIP Main Town 
-Or Building Plot on Place of Wish
-1 Personal Portal 
-500$ Ingame Currency 

10€ Donators:
-Reserved Server Slot
-Building Plot in VIP Main Town
-Personal Floating Island
-Building Plot on Place of Wish
-2 Personal Portals
-1000$ Ingame Currency

Email me for General Information / Paysafe Donations
 if it doesnt work: turtlecraft@ymail.com

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